Monday, December 26, 2011

Is there a God?

I stumbled upon this article this morning and was impressed with the simplicity.
The God I worship is both simple and complex. 
Complex; because we will never be able to describe him, and Simple; because it's so obvious if you look around you can see him.
As far as I can see, the only way to not believe in him is to invent complex explanations that have to be taken on faith. The same faith, but I choose the simple, obvious, easy choice that can't be proven false.

here is the link

Monday, February 14, 2011


it's been quite some time
since late October.
people change - I've changed.
new friends,
new job,
new home.
new life.
why does it have to be so?
so unfamiliar.
so lifelike.

Happy Valentines day.
That is to say,
Happy Hallmark Holiday.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Going Backwards By Day

Dear occasional readers, (for I am but an occasional writer),

It comes to my attention that I have greatly neglected my blog, and as a result, I have resolved to update it.

Last night I took my friend Mike to a show. We thought we were going to go see the Scientists Of Sound a.k.a. S.O.S. As it turned out, we were really going to see Tupperware Remix Party a.k.a TWRP. They were, without doubt, the best live show I can ever hope to see.
They came onto the stage in various skin-tight outfits, the frontman wearing a pile-on on his head.
Afterwards, S.O.S. came on stage. They too, wore costumes. a bunny costume and a cow mask, both wearing doctors coats. Very cool.
Excellent show.

I busted out my version of Caleb Schriver's JIVE. I was very sore in the morning, as a result.

Recently, I've had a lot of trouble with roommates. Stealing food and leaving things dirty(especially dishes). Honestly, I don't have enough money to pay for the food stolen.
One day last week, I cooked myself some supper and left for 30 minutes or so. When I got back, it had been eaten, and the thief denied taking it, so I asked the other roommate, he too, denied it. Then, angry with my asking, he went to talk to the thief. After much questioning, the thief decided to own up and said he had taken my food. (this, after he denied it several times, consecutively.) I told him to just not take my food. This isn't the first time.

A friend sent me a message informing me of a vacancy in the house where he lives, and offering me the vacancy, and the assurance that non of his housemates were thieves. Surely, a gift from God. So in December, I'm to move. I have to finalize things yet, but this is wonderful.

Also, it will be wonderful to live with someone I can enjoy spending time with and sharing food with.

Until August, I worked at Starbucks as a barista. I greatly enjoyed the work, but the management left much to be desired in the areas of consistancy and fairness.
So, I quit. (this is right about the time that I decided to stop shaving, seeing as, a: there was no longer a need to look presentable, and b: I hate shaving. very much.)

I got a job working with a much better man doing siding. I have to say, it wasn't out of interest in siding, but rather, necessity.
Now comes cold weather, and I'm finding myself unable to justify working in the outdoors, seeing as I've learned that I have no interest in and no love of, siding.

Right around this time, I get a message from Caley of Codiac Cafe, saying he's looking for a full-time Barista. I jumped at the opportunity, and gave him my resume. He gave me an interview soon after, and the following day, called me and offered me the job.
I accepted. I start at 7:30am on Wednesday, November 10.

That's my update!
Can't wait to enjoy my Sunday tomorrow.

Listen to this great song by The Black Keys.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

NEW POST! hah.

So today I was reading through an old Facebook message between myself and someone else. I was astounded that I had ever written anything so clever. I suspect you'll be astounded too, so I'm going to copy and past the highlights of the message.

you don't know why my torrents sometimes stop at a certain point and won't download any further than that, do you? "

" yep.
It's because when you download torrents, you are downloading from whoever has the file, but you're also uploading to whoever else is downloading.
You're uploading even though you don't have the whole file.
That's the way it is.
One person starts with the whole file, a few people download it, then the first person stops uploading it. Then, people keep downloading it, but only one or two people actually have the whole file.
If they go offline, bang! If no one has the complete file, everyone downloads till they have whatever the last person online who has the most of the file has. Understand?
Anyone can download whatever of the file is actually being uploaded, but when the only people who have the complete file go offline, you're screwed. Unless they come back online.
The people who have the whole file and are uploading it are called seeders. The people who are downloading and uploading at the same time are known as leechers.
did that explain anything? "

Am I smart, or what?
End of post.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spock your fives!

I've got a cupboard with cans of food,
filtered water and pictures of you,
and I'm not coming until this is all over.

Have any of you seen the new Star Trek movie?
I'm young, so I never watched Star Trek on tv, but still, I greatly enjoyed the movie.
The special effects soundly thrash Avatar's "groundbreaking" visual special effects.
(fun review of Avatar here - serious review here)
Just saying.. Spock is pretty epic.
I found out how to "Spock" a five dollar bill last week.
What an adventure!

"In 2005, the Montreal Mirror described the hobby as the most joy to be had with the five-dollar bill since the illegal defacing of Laurier withSpock ears"
Not a CHANCE! Spocking is infinitely more fun.

Speaking of Spock..
He's pretty cool.

more Avatar review links here.
look through them, they're interesting.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morning came when I was sleeping.

Yesterday I had a small operation on my left great toe. I had my deeply ingrown toenail removed. Hopefully, I hope, that it will never come back. If it comes back, all this pain I'm in will have been worth nothing. This isn't the first time they've removed my toenail. This is the worst it's ever hurt. Last week they did the same to my right great toe. It's funny how quickly you forget how much pain there is involved in this.
I'm glad that I'll (hopefully) never have this problem again.
I'm thankful that after a few days, the pain will be gone and I'll never have to again experience this plague of three years.

The nurse wanted to have a good time with the roll of gauze. I didn't have the heart to stop her. She was most definitely enjoying herself.
They gave me Endocet for the pain. Endocet is an Oxycodone. An Opiate. Much like Morphine.
Hurray for Endocet.
Or not.
I only hope that it's enough to make work bearable. I work 12-8 today. I think it's a disposable shift. If she wants to, she might send me home early. Maybe. Maybe not. The problem is, I have too much pain for just a little bit of Endocet, that means, to work, I'll need to take a lot. If I take a lot, I'll be too high to work.
A quandary.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's only time

I'm looking for new pants. Black pants. Not Jeans. For work. 30-32 Waist, 32-34 Leg. Do you know where I can find such pants? I'm thinking Ebay.

I shaved today. I hate shaving. Do you hate shaving?
Do you find our beardless culture unmanly? where most people don't have beards? I think beards are manly. And Presbyterian.
Someday, when I'm a man, I'll grow a beard. I'm not concerned with how it will look. It will be beardly. Manly.

I work today 2:30-10. Everyone should visit me. See my smooth shaven face. Boy, that sounds weird. But it's not weird, is it?

A new friend of mine introduced me to The Magnetic Fields
This song is incredible, and you should listen to it.

It's Only Time
The Magnetic Fields

Why would I stop loving you
a hundred years from now?
It's only time.
It's only time.

What could stop this beating heart
once it's made a vow?
It's only time.
It's only time.

If rain won't change your mind,
let it fall.
The rain won't change my heart
at all.

Lock this chain
around my hand,
throw away the key.
It's only time.
It's only time.

Years falling
like grains of sand
mean nothing to me.
It's only time.
It's only time.

If snow won't change your mind
let it fall.
The snow won't change my heart,
not at all.

(I'll walk your lands)
I'll walk your lands
(And swim your sea)
And swim your sea

Marry me.
Marry me.

(Then in your hands)
Then in your hands
(I will be free)
I will be free

Marry me.
Marry me.

Why would I stop loving you
a hundred years from now?